Traffic Court

Overview of Process
Within a few weeks of getting the traffic citation, you should receive a Courtesy Notice indicating your fine amount or, if a mandatory appearance is required, your court appearance date and time. You should receive the Courtesy Notice at least 10 days prior to the appearance date. Remember, should you fail to receive a Courtesy Notice, appear on or before the appearance date given on your citation.

The Courtesy Notice will indicate whether the violation(s) require a mandatory court appearance. The rest of the process is different depending on whether a mandatory court appearance is required.

TRAFFIC VIOLATER SCHOOL (TVS) and Confidential Conviction (AB 2499)
Effective July 1, 2011 , the courts will no longer be allowed to dismiss infractions after a driver completes traffic school. AB2499 requires all such infractions be recorded as a conviction with the DMV. The driver’s first conviction in an 18-month period will be confidential and will not reflect negative marks on his/her driving record. However, each additional violation within that 18-month period, because he/she is not eligible for TVS, will appear on the driver’s record and negative points will be assigned.

Traffic Violations Processed by Other Agencies

  1. DUI (Driving Under the Influence) violations are handled by the Criminal Department
  2. Parking tickets are not handled by the Traffic Division. For information on a parking ticket, contact the law enforcement agency listed on the ticket.
  3. Juvenile traffic misdemeanors are still handled by the Juvenile Court 2100 College Avenue, Bakersfield, California (near the County Health Dept. on College and Mt. Vernon.)
  4. Juvenile traffic infractions in the Metropolitan Division are now handled by the Traffic Division located at 3131 Arrow Street, Bakersfield, California 93308.
  5. Metropolitan Division Juvenile traffic court cases are heard every 1st and 3rd Wednesday afternoon of each month. Because the Juvenile Court calendar has limited space and fills quickly, it is advised you make arrangements with the Traffic Court as quickly as possible upon receipt of your courtesy notice but no later than the due date on your notice. This request must be made in person as noted above.
  6. Mandatory Appearance: If a juvenile is cited for a moving violation, it is an automatic mandatory violation. If you are not sure, you may call the Traffic Department for this one question. This will be the only question concerning your citation that may be answered. All other questions or requests must be made in person and you must have your parent/legal guardian with you.
  7. Each citation indicates at the bottom of the cite which court facility handles the citation.

Traffic Court Locations